2009 Cruise - Turkey, Greece, and Israel

1 - 31 Jan

Yat Marin, Marmaris

We are wintering in Yat Marin, a large marina near Marmaris, Turkey this winter. We plan to stay here until May. I added a photo from Goggle Earth that shows the marina. This photo was taken in Jan 2008 but shows how many boats are on the hard and in the water. I put a pin on our current location. You can see that we are well protected.

Odelia - Winter 2008-09.jpg (140176 bytes)

We had Fernando and Jeanette from Yen on board for Shabbat dinner on 7 Jan. They wintered with our friends Winnie and Mark in Barcelona a few years ago. On 15 Jan, we took some photos of the sea just to the south of our marina. There was about 20-25 knots of wind and a nice surge. We had Fernando and Jeanette from Yen and Martin and Sandy from Mystic over for a light dinner on 18 Jan.

Marmaris - Yen Mamaris - Storm 1 Marmaris - Storm 2 Marmaris - Yen & Mystic

We had a big storm during the weekend of the 23 - 25 Jan. The storm reached up to 70 knots on some wind gauges. We saw only 44 knots on ours but we are protected by a wall and our wind gauge is lower than most. Here are some of the photos of the damage from the wind and sea. I added a short movie made by one of the cruisers (Mike on the s/v Roam). It shows some of the surge coming across the road carrying rocks and water into the marina. At the end there are some more photos of the damage, including shots of the painting tent. Click here to see the Storm Movie

Marmaris - Big Storm 1 Marmaris - Big Storm 2 Marmaris - Big Storm 3 Marmaris - Big Storm 4 Marmaris - Big Storm 5

We had a multicultural weekend; first chulnt (a European Jewish dish) on board Sea Pearl on Friday and then Jachnun (a Yemenite dish) on Saturday.

Netsel - Chulnt 1 Netsel - Chulnt 2 Netsel - Chulnt 3 Netsel - Chulnt 4 Marmaris - Jachnun 1 Marmaris - Jachnun 2 Marmaris - Jachnun 3

We took the ferry from Marmaris to Rhodos on 30 Jan to renew our visas and do some shopping. They use the slow ferry in the winter and it took about 2 1/2 hours each way. That only allowed us about 3 hours in Rhodos, just time enough for some shopping at Lidl and then a quick lunch in the old city. We had Gingy and Tal over for Shabbat dinner.

Marmaris - Gingy & Tal

1 - 28 Feb

Yat Marin, Marmaris

I had our Super Bowl party on Monday, 2 Feb. There was a tape replay of the game on AFN in the evening. I cooked Cajun food: Creole Turtle Soup, Chicken Ettoufe, and Cajun Meat Pies. This is my usual once a year cooking extravaganza. Attending this year was: Poppa Joe, Sea Pearl, Concerto, Moody Time, Genova-Balena, My Mermaid, Nevada, Mystic, and Yen. We had a nice time and watched the Steelers win their sixth title. We received an email from Christine and Alex from Germany and it reminded me of all the Cajun parties over the years. Wish you could have been here!

Marmaris - Cajun Party 1 Marmaris - Cajun Party 2 Marmaris - Cajun Party 3 Marmaris - Cajun Party 4

Yat Marina hosted a trip to the Istanbul boat show 18-22 Feb. We traveled by bus from Marmaris (about a 14 hour trip) and arrived late on Wednesday. We stayed in an older hotel and pension located in the heart of old Istanbul. On Thursday we went to the boat show and then a three hour boat tour of the Bosporus Straits. The views were spectacular.

Istanbul - Boat Show Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise 1 Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise 2 Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise 3 Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise 4 Istanbul - Bosphorus Cruise 5 

On Friday morning we walked through the old town, including the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Blue Mosque, New Mosque, and other attractions.

Istanbul - Blue Mosque Istanbul - Grand Bazaar Istanbul - Spice Bazaar Istanbul - Shoe Shine Stands

On Friday afternoon, Tsipy took a taxi to visit the Jewish quarter. Unfortunately you could visit the synagogue only with tour organized 3 days in advance.

Istanbul - Neve Shalom 1 Istanbul - Neve Shalom 2 Istanbul - Neve Shalom 3

We toured through Topkapi Palace (now several museums) on Saturday and flew back to the boat on Sunday.

1 - 31 Mar

Yat Marin, Marmaris

The weather seems to have changed for the better finally. We have had 3 to 4 days without rain and I am back in T-shirts again. We hope that it lasts for a bit. I need to do some sanding, painting, and varnishing. 

Our mufflers are just about finished, Anker cut them open, welded flanges on the top so they can be bolted together, and then laid fiberglass with a special heat and chemical resistant epoxy on the inside and outside surfaces. They painted the outside and are putting on a heat and chemical resistant gel coating inside now. We hope to have them installed during the week of 10 Mar. 

Marmaris - Muffler 1 Marmaris - Muffler 2 Marmaris - Muffler 3

We went to Mugla for a tour and shopping in the souk on 5 Mar. It is an interesting old city and market area and we were fortunate to have nice weather for the trip.

Mugla - Old City Mugla - Bazaar Mugla - Museum Mugla - Bavarian Style Building Mugla - Spices Mugla - Spinach on Display Mugla - Sweets Marmaris - Storming Again

We had another storm, this one lasting from 6 to 8 Mar so far. It is warmer but still lots of wind and rain. Not too pleasant for boat work. We celebrated Purim on Monday, 9 Mar with friends on board. We were really happy to see Mike and Andrew from Israel. They flew in to take a sail boat back and were able to attend. Nevada, Yen, and Eve came and a good time was had by all.

Mamaris - Purim 1.jpg (95824 bytes) Mamaris - Purim 2.jpg (72620 bytes) Mamaris - Purim 3.jpg (88960 bytes) Mamaris - Purim 4.jpg (75082 bytes) Mamaris - Purim 5.jpg (88558 bytes)

Anker installed the mufflers on 13 - 14 Mar and also replaced some cracked cooling water hoses for my engines. The mufflers look and work good (so far). I was finally able to clean up the engine room and start putting things away for cruising.

Marmaris - Port Muffler Marmaris - Starboard Muffler Marmaris - Muffler Gang

1 - 30 Apr On 3 Apr, we had Trish and Colin from Moody Time and Fernando and Jeanette from Yen over for Shabbat dinner. Tsipy baked bread as usual and made a wonderful moussaka. We enjoyed the evening and the domino game.

Marmaris - Baking Bread.jpg (119710 bytes) Marmaris - Moody Time & Yen 1.jpg (125034 bytes) Marmaris - Moody Time & Yen 2.jpg (114713 bytes)

Tsipy went to Israel on 5 April for Passover. She had a great time visiting her family, the Seder dinner with Israel's family, and the BBQ at Motti's. Here are some photos of the BBQ and her visit with Mike and Batsheva at their new home.

Israel 1 Israel 2 Israel 3 Israel 4 Israel 5 Israel 6 Israel 7 Israel 8

She returned on 16 April. I remained here and worked on the boat and taxes. Tsipy and her friend Derin Sekerci are giving each other language classes: Turkish for Tsipy and English for Derin. Lots of laughter seems to be the order of the day. Our friends on Sugilite, Steve and Jan came to stay with us. They are preparing their boat for launching. Here is a photo of Steve after a day of sanding. On 30 Apr, we had a party for the Israeli Independence Day. Here are some photos of the party.

Marmaris - Turkish Class Marmaris - Steve & Jan Marmaris - Independence Day 1 Marmaris - Independence Day 2 Marmaris - Independence Day 3

1 - 31 May We are still doing minor repairs, painting, and varnishing while we are waiting for warmer weather. We had Shabbat dinner with Steve and Jan, Arye, and Gerry on 1 May and with Simone, Luigi, Gerry and Ester on 8 May. We are saying goodbye to all the boats we wintered with as they leave. The marina is slowly empting, you can now walk around without bumping into boats at every turn. We still plan to leave during the first week of June for Gocek.

Marmaris - Shabbat 1 Marmaris - Shabbat 2

20 May - We had some excitement today when the 75 foot Catamaran Skye was lifted into the water. She had been on the hard for over two years being repaired. Her owner ran her aground at full speed and damaged the hull. The interior was heavily damaged when the marble countertops and tabletops slammed through the bulkheads. In any case, she was too large to lift with the travel lift so two cranes were used to lift her. A strong-back was used on the aft to spread the lifting straps and two straps were used on the forward hulls. The two cranes had to coordinate their lifts and then swing her outboard over the shrubbery to the water. Here are some photos:

Skye - 1 Strongback.jpg (130198 bytes) Skye - 2 Aft Straps.jpg (122491 bytes) Skye - 3 Fwd Straps.jpg (135535 bytes) Skye - 4 Liftoff.jpg (117061 bytes) Skye - 5 Stbd Hull Over the Hedge.jpg (144516 bytes) Skye - 6 Port Hull Over the Hedge.jpg (152223 bytes) Skye - 7 Over the Water.jpg (136493 bytes) Skye - 8 Splashdown.jpg (132678 bytes)

We finally left Marmaris Yat Marine on 29 May and traveled to Fethiye. The cruise was great, no winds or waves. We anchored off Ece Marina for Shabbat. We visited the town and ate at one of our favorite restaurant (Pasha). We got fuel on Sunday and then traveled to Gocek. We anchored off the town and had dinner at the Kabab Hospital. 

1 - 30 Jun On 1 Jun, we cruised down to Boynuz Buku and anchored along the north coast line with lines to the shore. We plan to stay here for several days (probably a week or so). We took a walk ashore and had a beer at the lovely restaurant there. On 4 Jun we traveled into Gocek by dinghy for shopping and some computer work. I am having trouble with my computer and may need to reformat it. We shall see. We met a lovely German couple from Stuttgart on board Feuerland. Thomas, Claudia, Luca (age 4), and Leah (age 7 mos). We shared a lovely afternoon with them and while they rowed back in their dinghy, I took Luca for a quick ride around the bay. Here are some photos.

Boynuz Buku 1.jpg (127956 bytes) Boynuz Buku 2.jpg (77937 bytes) Feuerland 1.jpg (99389 bytes) Feuerland 2.jpg (94475 bytes) Feuerland 3.jpg (113142 bytes)

It is now the 13th of Jun and we are still in Boynuz Buku. I took some photos of Tsipy enjoying her kayak on Shabbat. There was a beautiful, big English sail boat anchored across the entrance of the bay. To give you perspective, the large motor yacht you see on the left is a 100 footer and is closer than the sail boat. I would guess she was about 140 or so. We called this an English blockade of our bay.

Tsipy Kayaking 2.jpg (113962 bytes) Tsipy Kayaking 1.jpg (106515 bytes) Boynuz Buku - English Blockade 1.jpg (130641 bytes) Boynuz Buku - English Blockade 2.jpg (107580 bytes)

Our friends Mike and Batsheva arrived on the 19th and we celebrated Shabbat together on board Odelia. On the 20th, we had dinner on board Wind Sea'n. Our friends Jeanette and Fernando on Yen also arrived. We had a quiet celebration of my birthday on the 21st with a BBQ on board Odelia. Here are some photos.

Boynuz Buku - Wind Sea~n.jpg (169491 bytes) Boynuz Buku - B-day 1.jpg (88125 bytes) Boynuz Buku - B-day 2.jpg (90473 bytes) Boynuz Buku - B-day 3.jpg (87386 bytes) Boynuz Buku - B-day 4.jpg (73584 bytes) Boynuz Buku - B-day 5.jpg (106579 bytes) Boynuz Buku - B-day 6.jpg (69682 bytes)

We met the Rothenbergs, an Israeli family from Cincinnati and Ra'anana, on a chartered catamaran. We had them aboard for a visit. Mike and Fernando helped me install two new solar panels to add to my passive charge system. I can now rely on the panels to finish charging my house batteries during the day.

Boynuz Buku - Rothenberg 1.jpg (100948 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Rothenberg 2.jpg (150595 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Rothenberg 3.jpg (155566 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Solar Panels.jpg (75262 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Who is this masked man.jpg (71331 bytes)

We also met Ersal and Necla (pronounced Nejla) Yavi, a Turkish couple that built a small catamaran. They live in Izmir but spend their summers onboard. We had them over for drinks and a movie. 

Boynuz Buku - Ersal & Nejla 1 Boynuz Buku - Ersal & Nejla 2

1 - 31 Jul  We have had dinners on board Eve, Wind Sea~n, and Yen over the last week of June and the first days of July. They all left the bay on the 3rd. We celebrated the 4th with Ersal and Nejla and they tried out our kayaks in the afternoon. They took us to Dalaman for shopping and a web site update on 5 Jul. She took some photos of the bay from the top of the hill. You can see Odelia nestled on the left side of the second inlet.

Boynuz Buku - Eve.jpg (131328 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Wind Sea~n 2.jpg (106107 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Yen.jpg (177170 bytes) Boynuz Buku - Nejla Boynuz Buku - Ersal Boynuz Buku - Odelia.JPG (109626 bytes) Heading to Dalaman.JPG (105928 bytes) Boynuz Buku View 1.JPG (100485 bytes) Boynuz Buku View 2.JPG (121612 bytes) Nejla, Tsipy, and Rick.JPG (97159 bytes) Anchor Awiegh.JPG (123521 bytes) Heading to Fethiye.JPG (102007 bytes)

We moved to Fethiye on the 7th to meet Yen and spent a couple of days at anchor. Unfortunately we missed Fernando's sister and brother-in-law due to a schedule mixup. We returned to Boynuz Buku with Utz, Melodie, and Tanyali. They enjoyed the cruise back and some swimming, tubing, and relaxing in the bay. Tsipy and Utz prepared Shabbat dinner. 

Melodie & Tanyali 1.jpg (80335 bytes) Melodie & Tanyali 2.jpg (67568 bytes) Utz.jpg (76049 bytes)

Yen (Fernando and Jeanette) returned with his sister and bother-in-law from Uruguay for a few nights before they return to England for the wedding of their son. Here are a few photos of their visit. 

Fernando's Family 1.jpg (72889 bytes) Fernando's Family 2.jpg (105493 bytes) Fernando's Family 3.jpg (102341 bytes)

Our friends Jan and Steve from Sugilite returned from the EMYR. They joined Ersal and Nejla for hamburgers on their first night. Jan had to fly to China for work so she left Steve on Tuesday. We met Beni and Hilda and their kids on a charter cat (along with their captain Ofer). We had them over and took the kids for a tube ride. Eve returned with friends from Israel and we had them over for tour and drinks.

Sugilite Returns.jpg (108479 bytes) Beni & Hilda 1.jpg (85522 bytes) Beni & Hilda 2.jpg (115648 bytes) Eve & Friends.jpg (103517 bytes)

Ruti and Motti joined us on 26 Jul for a few days of relaxation. We had them met by a taxi and brought to Boynuz Buku. We are just relaxing, swimming, and having fun. Rashat from My Tuli dropped off the trampoline while they went off for dinner. Tsipy and Moti discovered that it was hard for two. Utz returned with a new cover for our dinghy and stayed for a day or so to fit.

Tampoline 1.jpg (149195 bytes) Tampoline 2.jpg (145557 bytes) Tampoline 3.jpg (152924 bytes) Ruti & Moti 1.jpg (94134 bytes) Ruti & Moti 2.jpg (103267 bytes) Ruti & Moti 3.jpg (86489 bytes) Ruti & Moti Departing.jpg (164159 bytes)

Rachel and Yehuda arrived for the first leg of the return trip to Israel. They arrived in Boynuz Buku on the same day that Ruti and Moti left. Rashat from My Tuli brought them out to our boat. We went into Gocek to drop off Utz and had dinner at the Kebab Hospital. We stayed in Boynuz Buku through Shabbat. 

Yehuda & Rachel 1.jpg (121454 bytes) Yehuda & Rachel 2.jpg (99195 bytes) Rachel.jpg (129393 bytes) Yehuda & Rachel 3.jpg (129702 bytes)

The time goes quickly.

1 - 31 Aug On Sunday, 2 Aug, we finally departed Boynuz Buku. It was an emotional departure, we are leaving our good friends Ersal and Nejla but are taking with us a number of great memories. We left early in the morning and cruised along the coast to Kas. I took a series of photos of the sunrise and am including a few here to show the spectacular views. 

Sunrise 1.jpg (112223 bytes) Sunrise 2.jpg (110603 bytes) Sunrise 3.jpg (104797 bytes) 

We stopped in the unfinished marina just to the west of Kas. They are working to complete the marina, a breakwater is under construction and the anchoring systems are on the quay. We had dinner at a Chez Evy, a French restaurant that we discovered with Mike and Bonnie on our first cruise to Turkey. It was still outstanding. We left on Monday for Kerkova and anchored off the new marina there. On Tuesday we cruised further east past Finike and anchored in a lovely bay called Çavus Limani (pronounced Chavush). The bay was beautiful but very windy in the afternoon and evening. We cruised on to Kemer Marina on Wednesday. Yehuda and Rachel left on the 6th to return to Israel. 

Kerkova Anchoring.jpg (175531 bytes) Cavas Limani.jpg (176872 bytes) 

The weather here in Antalya bay is very windy in the afternoon and we have decided to change our itinerary. On Sunday we left Kemer and returned to Kerkova for a few days. As we passed Gokaya, we saw the Club Med 2, a cruise ship with sails at anchor near Demre.

Club Med Liner.jpg (149835 bytes)

We returned to Finike on Thursday to meet Fernando and Jeanette and started our return to Israel on Monday, 17 Aug. The weather was good for the crossing to Cyprus and we arrived on Tuesday. Fernando tried his hand at fishing and landed a nice 3 kg tuna. We had the tuna in Cyprus, Tsipy and I had sashimi (raw tuna slices with wasabi) and Fernando and Jeanette cooked theirs. We also prepared and ate the roe as appetizers.

Fishing 1.jpg (74393 bytes) Fishing 2.jpg (72715 bytes) Showers Enroute.jpg (90718 bytes)

We left Cyprus on Wednesday, the 19th and arrived in Haifa on Thursday morning about 0630 and were on our way to Herzliya by 0730. We passed Yehuda in Mevoot Yam on the way down, he was leaving for two weeks for Cyprus and Greece. The crossing was great, flat seas and little or no wind. We are back in our old spot in the lagoon in Herzliya marina. Yosi and Israel welcomed us back and helped us with lines on our arrival. We celebrated with our usual Friday afternoon gathering on board Odelia and then had a lovely Shabbat dinner at Yosi and Ruti's house with all the kids and grandkids. It is really good to be back with our friends.

We did some sightseeing with Fernando and Jeanette to Tel Aviv, Yafo, and Caesarea. Fernando and I were able to take a sail onboard Coral (a Lagoon 44 cat) with our friends Sylvan, Israel, Adi, and Sylvan's kids. Fernando and Jeanette took a bus trip to Jerusalem and then rented a car to travel to the Dead Sea, Masada, Eilat, and Petra (in Jordan). 

Yafo 1.JPG (64436 bytes) Yafo 2.JPG (66105 bytes) Ceasaria 1.jpg (79015 bytes) Ceasaria 2.jpg (101712 bytes) Ceasaria 3.jpg (88616 bytes) Sailing on Coral.jpg (91587 bytes)  

1 Sep to 31 Oct On 31 Aug - 1 Sep, we capped off their trip with a tour to the north, visiting a vineyard, Rothshild's Garden (Gan Hanadav), Zichron Ya'acov and then spent the night with Moti, Jackie, Netta, and Jackie's sister Karen. On Tuesday, we visited the Sea of Galilee and the Gilboa Mountains. On 2 Sep, Tsipy took them to Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Memorial). Our guests left on 3 Sep and we will miss them. They were lots of help for the crossings and lots of fun for the entire visit.

I left for the US to visit my family on 14 Sep and will return on 1 Nov. Tsipy left on 8 Oct and spent 2 weeks with my family and then a week with her sisters on the east coast. We flew back together on 31 Oct.

1 Nov - 31 Dec We arrived on 1 Nov and picked up our rental car. Tsipy was very sick and finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis. We decided to celebrate her birthday after she got better. So on 14 Nov we had a belated birthday party. Our thanks to everyone for bringing goodies and songs, we had a blast. Here are some photos.

Tsipy's Birthday 1 Tsipy's Birthday 2 Tsipy's Birthday 3 Tsipy's Birthday 4 Tsipy's Birthday 5

On 20 Nov, we had a nice gathering on Friday with lots of our friends. We were able to enjoy the sunshine on the front deck.

Friday Gathering 1 Friday Gathering 2

Next Up

We will remain here for the winter.