Odelia in Serifos, Greece


This is the log for our current cruise. The latest entry will be at the top like a blog.

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1 - 31 Jul 2018: We made an unscheduled move to the Gocek on 1 Jul. On our return from the market, I discovered a leak on the portside tube of the dinghy. We moved the boat into the anchorage for the night and in the morning moved into the marina while the repairs were done. Although it was very hot in the marina, it gave us an opportunity to have a 4th of July party on board. Our guests included: Fatoush, Baran, Emile, Eitan, Liora, Batu, Ron, Soon, Utz, and a couple more. Thanks to Tsipy, Utz, Fatoush, Liora, and Soon for the fantastic food. We had an enjoyable stay in the marina, spending lots of time with our friends.

On 6 Jul, we drove to Fethiye and bought fabric to cover the flybridge cushions and then on to Saklikent Gorge to cool off. Utz is sewing the slip covers for us. We returned to the Gocek anchorage on 7 Jul, will stay here for the Sunday market, and then return to Boynuz Buku.

On Sunday, (bowing to pressure from my friends Yosi, Ron, and Utz) I am having a teak deck guy come to give us an estimate for replacing the teak on the front deck. I had planned to remove the deck and paint it with non-skid but will investigate my options. We only have a few more days with Utz (he leaves on Wednesday for Germany) and we still have a lot to do on the flybridge. The teak deck guy arrived, gave us an estimate, and requires two months to do the work, so we have deferred it until Israel or next spring.

We returned to Boynuz Buku on Monday. Utz and Tsipy were busy cutting and sewing the new slip covers for the flybridge during the heat of the day. They look great as you can see in the photos. Utz and I prepared the rest of the flybridge (the area by the satellite dome and along the sides) for primer and paint. We were able to get the primer, sanding, and one top coat finished before he left on Wednesday. We really enjoyed having Utz on board, he taught us a lot, did a lot of work, and made us very happy. Good luck on the new job.

I finished sanded the top coat after he left and put on another coat that afternoon after the sun went down. On 15 Jul, I painted a second coat on the floor to finish the painting.

Liora and Eitan joined us in Boynuz Buku with their friend Semona. We had them over for dinner, drinks, and Shabbat dinner. Tsipy and Semona tried out their inflatable kayak. On Sunday, we went into Gocek for the farmer's market and I bought a two-person raft for Tsipy. She and Liora tried it out.

Hava arrived on 16 Jul and will stay with us for about a month or so. She plans to cross with us over to Karpaz in mid-Aug. I had Nasuh make new plastic feet for the three storage boxes on the flybridge. On 17 Jul, I re-installed the boxes using Sika-Flex on the feet. Salih came out with me and took measurements and patterns for new covers for the flybridge instruments, bridge seat, life raft, and Bowmar hatches. I've added some photos of the work.

1 - 30 June 2018: I am continuing work on the boat. I varnished the aft hand rails and reinforced the front compartment of the dinghy. I decided that the damage to the front compartment was likely caused by the extreme angle of the lifting chains to the davit arms. I am having Nasuh build a strongback to make the lift more vertical.

On 16 Jun, we went into Gocek to pick up Utz and to celebrate Fatoush and my birthday. We had a wonderful meal in Lotis restaurant. Liora and Eitan arrived the day before, so they also attended.

On Sunday, we went into town again for the weekly farmer's market. We had our breakfast on the back deck of Nazif and Fatoush's shop. On Monday, Utz and I removed all the hardware from the flybridge to prepare for painting. We continue to work on the flybridge and visiting town for parts and work. On the 21st, we had another birthday dinner for me at the Kabab Hospital. Ron has visited us iserveral times in the bay, he rafted to us the first visit and then anchored on our starboard side. The photo shows him relaxing in the hammock and Soon serving him a wine. It shows the tough life we lead.

1 - 31 May 2018: We are allowed to stay in Israel for up to six months. Since we arrived on 15 Nov, we had to leave no later than 15 May. We saw a good weather window on 3 May and departed for Limassol. Yair and Yacov came with us for the crossing. The weather was as predicted, less than a meter of waves and winds averaging less than 8 knots. We did see about one hour of higher winds in the middle of the night. We had a visit with a pod of dolphins just off of Natanya. Click here if you want to see the video (be aware that it is a 13 MB file) then use the back button or close the video window to return to this page.

We arrived on Friday morning at 0600, checked into Cyprus, relocated to our slip, and then had the new anchor chain delivered. Yair and Yacov helped me stretch it out and mark it every 50 foot. We then pulled it aboard from the dock using the windlass.

Yacov was only able to stay for one day and he left late Friday night with some Israelis we met that were returning on the same flight. They stopped by for a sundowner and tour of Odelia. After that, we visited the boat show and had happy hour with Easy, Orit, and Aviram at the North Sail booth.

Well, it's now 15 May and we are still in Limassol. Tsipy left today to return to Israel for Yoni's wedding and to have an eye exam. She is seeing flashes of light on the periphery of her eye which is a symptom of a retinal problem. Effy, his wife Daniella, and Ronen (Yaacov's son-in-law) are flying in tomorrow for the crossing to Turkey. We are planning to leave on 17 May in the morning. If the weather continues as predicted, we will cross directly to Fethiye. Hopefully, Tsipy can join us there if she doesn't need followup appointments for her eye. If the weather changes, then we will head to Finike and wait for good weather to continue and catch up with Tsipy when and where we can. Such is life aboard.

Effy, Daniella, and Ronen arrived on schedule and we departed Limassol at 0530 on the 17th. The weather was perfect, almost no wind and most of the trip was in smooth water, no waves or ripples. We arrived in Fethiye at noon on the 18th. The crew was great, they put up with my limited cooking skills and survived with no hot water when our water heater failed and leaked about 1/2 of our water supply into the containment tank under the port engine. Effy spotted the leak during an engine room check and we were able to block it off to save the remaining water supply. To top it off, my generator wouldn't work, which meant that I couldn't anchor, so we decided to go to the marina.

After check in, we met up with Tsipy and later went to Pasha's for dinner. The crew left early on Saturday morning on the ferry to Rhodos with onward flights back to Israel. Our thanks to them for the great company and for helping me relocate the boat while Tsipy was in Israel.

We are remaining in Fethiye for the holiday weekend. I was able to repair the generator, it turned out to be a sea water impellor. The water heater was simply overheated by the engine heating loop which caused the water to expand and vent. On Saturday, I plumbed in a ball valve to allow me to turn off the engine heating option while underway. Finally, I had to replace the check valve for the water heater.

We relocated to Boynuz Buku on Monday morning. Our normal spot was taken when we arrived so we anchored across the bay. When they left around 1500, we moved into "Odelia's Home". I commissioned the water maker and we are now set for the summer.

I plumbed in an expansion tank into the water heater to protect it from overheating and expansion and I am replacing the hoses on the engine heating loop to the water heater. The weather was been cool and a bit raining but I am now preparing for varnish and painting. On the 29th, I took in the mid-cabin seatee for recovering and the plans for the new hatch covers to Salih (the uphostery guy). I also took in the plans for the crane support to Nasuh (the stainless guy). I should get these back in a week or so.

If the weather holds, I will start work on the dinghy, I need to reinforce the front vee compartment, it has cracks on both sides. Utz comes in mid-June and will help me strip the teak from the foredeck. I plan to fill in the screw holes and paint the deck with no-skid instead of the teak. It will be easier to maintain and a lot cooler.

1 - 30 Apr 2018: This month we received a email from Michael Berman from Netanya. His daughter Odelia was visiting the marina and took a selfie with our boat in the background. While discussing this with a colleague at work, found out that they anchored with us in Tersane Creek in Turkey. Small world at work. In any case we invited them to visit and take a tour. Michael, his wife Rachel, her parents Philip and Rena, and their daughters Haviva, Odelia, and Ma'ayan came by on 2 Apr for a visit. A lovely family and we enjoyed meeting them and showing them the boat.

When we returned to the boat on Sunday evening, a boat from Ashdod marina had tied up behind us. Tsuri, Ravit, Haim, and Fane invited us over for breakfast on Monday and then came aboard to tour our boat. We took a picture of them departing. We enjoyed meeting them and hope to see them again.

On 12 Apr, Lukas, Desiree, and Ethan came for a visit. We originally met Lukas and Desiree in the Bahamas in 2003 and have maintained contact with them. They had visited us before in 2012 but this time could bring their son Ethan. We celebrated his 9th birthday on board and visited Ceasaria, Masada, the Dead Sea, Rosh HaNikra, and Tel Aviv. He also got to drive our dinghy around the marina and take a thrill ride in a large RIB near Rosh HaNikra. We had a great time with them and hope to see them again.

19 Apr is Israeli Independence Day (the 70th) and we hosted Lushi and her friend Iris and her family on board. The air show was nice, with the new F-35s flying in formation and the new El Al Dreamliner (787). I've include a sampling of photos.

1 - 31 Mar 2018: On 1 Mar, we had our family Purim party at Noa and Eyal's house. Most of the family were able to attend. The theme was supposed to be singers but many of the attendees dressed in other costumes. I dressed as Kenny Rogers (The Gambler) and Tsipy as Diana Ross and we performed "We are the world" with most of the family joining in. The food was great with felafel from Dvora's in Karkur and lots of other goodies. Some photos are included of the singing and dancing.

So many people came to the 9 Mar gathering that we invoked shifts. Initially, we had Yosi, Gadi, Israel, Kushi, and Shmulik. Then Nir, Hane, Ed, Mike 1, and Mike 2 (the new crew chief) came. Finally, new friends Derin and Sansanee followed by Vanessa and her friend Curtis arrived. A full house but with some seat juggling, we made it work.

11-15 Mar, saw me working in the engine room and the pilothouse and on the dive compressor.

I needed to fill my air tanks but the compressor stopped working after just a few minutes. I replaced the worn drive belt but that didn't fix the problem. With help from Bauer technical support, I isolated the problem to either the 3hp electric motor or the overload protection device. My friend Ofer and I removed the motor and he checked it on the bench and it was okay, so I have isolated the problem in the overload protection relay. I will try adjusting the trip amperage and if that doesn't work, I will need to replace the relay. While he had the engine in the shop, I removed, sanded, and revarnished the wooden cover for the compressor.

In the ER, I built a new mounting plate to replace a broken mount for the raw water pump for the compressor of the holding plate refrigerator/freezer. I also cleaned and rebuilt three Racor fuel filters (for the engines and generator) and replaced all the filters. All I have left on my predeparture repairs is to check and replace the zincs on the engines, generator, and oil coolers.

Mike brought in some electrical parts that I had ordered, so I installed new LED lights over the computer and printer, installed a car charger unit for my MacBook Air, and rewired the weather station and iPod Amp directly on the house bank. This cleans up the wiring mess in the pilothouse and saves energy by eliminating three small chargers running on the inverter.

19 - 20 Mar: Once I reinstalled the motor in the compressor, I tried using it while on the generator. I suspected that the difference in using a 50Hz shore power connection caused the motor to overload enough to trip the overload protection relay. Since the generator is 60Hz, the compressor worked fine and I was able to fill my tanks without a problem. Learned quite a bit about the compressor circuitry during the troubleshooting. I am filing this as an unintended consequence of replacing the A/Sea power converter with the Center Tap Isolation Transformer.

I finished replacing all the zincs in the engine room. Next on the departure check list/service schedule is to service the anchor windlass and check the bow thruster.

1 - 28 Feb 2018: I was able to get the starboard railing sanded and varnished before the weather turned wet again. It was the worst of the two rails with sun burns in about three areas.

On Thursday, 8 Feb, Etty, Lushi, Tsipy and I went to Givat Ela to spend the weekend with Moti and Jackie. We had a lovely time and got to see their kids and grandkids.The weather was delightful for Febuary, about 72 degrees and sunny and we took a drive to Gilboa to look at the blooming flowers. As usual, Jackie and Moti were wonderful hosts and chefs. We all enjoyed the jochnun on Saturday morning and wonderful food throughout the weekend. Thanks for a great weekend getaway!

We returned on Saturday night and on Sunday I installed a remote panel for the MasterVolt Combination Charger and Inverter. This allows me to view it's status and turn it off and on from the pilothouse. I sanded and varnished the port side rails and will put a second coat on both sides when the rain stops.

On 14 Feb, I went to Shimon's with Gadi for Yemenite soup. As you can see in the photo, I really enjoyed it. The Friday gathering on 16 Feb was great; Yosi, Gadi, Israel, Shmulik, Dov, Kushi, Alona, Amosea, Sari, Steve, and Ed were all able to attend. Great food and company.

Steve brought in the last parts for the solar project and I will be starting work on it this coming week. I installed Loxx pullup fasteners on eight of the panels and on the webbing to connect the panels together.

On 22 Feb, I removed the bimini top and took off the old panels and their support frame. After that, I met Yosi and Amos at Kyoto for our Thursday sushi and shashimi fix. If the good weather holds, I will be able to install the new panels and connect them to the system this weekend.

Steve and Ron helped me install the new solar panels on Wed, 28 Feb. I initially installed all eight panels in series but the output voltage of the panels exceeded the 150V allowed for the regulator, so I had to split the array into two sets of four panels in series with their outputs in parallel. At peak sunlight, I now have ~80V at 10A into the solar power controller/regulator which converts it to the 13.3 to 14.4V to charge the house bank. The system is working well, providing about twice the charging power of the previous panels.

1 - 31 Jan 2018: This is the our log for 2018, our 19th year on Odelia. We plan to remain in Herzliya until mid-May.

Our friend Steve brought in the remaining equipment for my shore power upgrade on 7 Jan. Shown here is the old A/Sea box where I installed the new Mastervolt IVET 8KVA Isolation transformer last fall. I finished the installation this month by installing a power monitor to show the current shore power voltage/amperage and the Kilowatts consumed to date. Note the circuit breakers on the wall beside the transformer. I installed a 220V Charger (~12VDC and 10A output) to maintain the house bank with the transformer off when the boat is unattended. The second circuit breaker is for the cooling fan wired directly into the 110V output of the transformer. This circuit breaker protects the system if the fan shorts or overloads the circuit.

I am now preparing the top deck for painting. I have repaired all holes and dings with epoxy, prepped the surface, and taped off the bases for the satellite dome, flag pole, and stern light. Later this month (when the rain stops for a few days), I will paint the top with white Tamaglass (two part white polyurathane). After it dries, i will tape off the walking areas and apply non-skid paint.

On 29 Jan, I finally finished painting the topsides with Tamaglass and then painted InterDeck non-skid on the walking areas around the fly-bridge and the INMARSAT dish. It looks good but I still need to do some touchup painting. I ended up painting the entire fly-bridge deck since I had to use all the paint that I mixed. I also repaired and painted some dings in other areas, notably the front seating area. This summer I will tape off and paint all the white areas and then renew the green trim. Now I am starting to wet sand the teak hand rails in preparation for a few more coats of varnish. Hope the weather holds. Today, Mike arrived with the solar panels (ten 100 watt flexible panels) for my upgrade project. After checking them out, I determined that I needed some additional mounting equipment. I ordered that from eBay and had it delivered to Steve for his next trip over.