Odelia in Serifos, Greece


This is the log for our current cruise. The latest entry will be at the top like a blog.

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1 - 31 July 2019: We are still in the bay, I finished the varnish work on the rails and taped and sanded the toe rail for painting. I will paint next week and that will complete the painting on Odelia. I am leaving the dinghy painting for later. Next week it goes in for the first service on the new Yamaha engine (10 hour breakin period). I will remove the chaps while it is out of the water and have Salih reinforce the front corners that are worn from the dinghy docks. After cleaning the tubes, I will remove the front seat, gas tank, and cushions; paint the entire insides white; and then add a blue trim line. The vinyl lettering for Odelia and the dinghy will arrive with Moti and Jackie on the 18th. We met Ofer, Yolanda, and Maayan at Tomb bay for dinner, nice spot and good food.

Today is the 4th of July, America's 243rd birthday. I dressed Odelia with signal flags and a large US flag on the bow. Our friends Ofer, Yolanda, and Maayan returned to celebrate with us. Nazif and Fatoush aren't able to make it out this year. She looks good dressed for the holiday.

I finished painting the toe rail on 8 Jul, cleaned up the tape, and rebedded the life line supports on the 9th. I took a break on the 10th, just a little prep work on the dinghy. I lifted it out of the water and removed the old scupper. Tsipy and I installed the new scupper on 11 Jul, bedding it in Sikaflex, repaired the transom, and cleaned the bottom.

Our friends Cem, Birem, Derin, and Ediz returned on the 14th and anchored next to us. On 15 Jul, I took the dinghy in for it's 10 hour break in service and removed the chaps for some repair work by Salih. We cleaned the dinghy tubes once we returned to the boat. I picked up the new rub strips for the forward cleats from Nasuh and installed them on the 16th. Birem's mother, brother, and his daughter Daphne came in to visit. On the 17th, I took Ediz and Daphne for a tubing session, lots of splashing and fun.

We picked up Jackie and Moti from Gocek on the 18th. We had an early dinner at Kabab Hospital and then came back to the boat for swimming and relaxation. We invited Birem and her family for cake to celebrate Daphne's 8th birthday. On the 19th we took the dinghy over to Tomb Bay for drinks and a swim before returning to the boat for Shabbat dinner. After dinner, we invited Cem, the kids, and Shokran (Birim's mother) over for dominoes. On Saturday, we swam, used the kayak, and reinstalled the dinghy cover.

I will continue work on the dinghy after they depart.

1 - 30 June 2019: We are still in Boynuz Buku, enjoying spending some time with Nir and his crew on Blue Desert. While he is here and can provide transportation to and from the city, I decided to replace my dinghy motor. My Mariner engine was giving me problems and the cooling system in the head was starting to leak. After shopping around the city, I ordered a new Yamaha 40hp outboard from Erdinch. It arrived Saturday (1 Jun) around 1400 and they completed the installation that day. Cesur (shown in the photo) did most of the work with help from Erdinch. The new motor is really quiet and smooth and I really like it and the new digital instrumentation. I also ordered new covers for my fenders from Salih, they are in a heavy terry cloth and match the tan colors of my sunshades and cushions. We borrowed a power washer from Nir and I washed the carpets from the three staterooms. They had a lot of dirt, sand, and grit embedded in them. We are now looking for someone to cut new carpeting for us.

From 4 to 8 Jun, I finished sanding, filling, priming, and painting the pilothouse doors and frames with two component primer and paint. They were totally exposed to the sun and varnish just didn't last under the relentless UV attack. I reassembled the doors on Saturday and they look good. I used the excess paint to give a second coat for the swim platform. I added some photos.

Semona came on Sunday with her guests on a charter boat. They rafted to us and spent an hour or so. We enjoyed meeting her son, family, and friends. Nir returned with Blue Desert after his guests departed and is now anchored on our starboard side.

This week, I had planned to sand the underside of the railing and wet sand the upper sides in preparation for varnishing. Instead I decided to tape off and paint the Lauderdale Blue trim line on the bottom of the side skirts. We decided that we needed more color on the side, especially with the now white doors and frames. I have ordered two vinyl names similar to one on the transom and will put them on the sides of the flybridge. I added two photos showing the new trim lines.

I still have the rails to varnish and some touchup painting on the toe rail, forward cleats, side power entrance points, and a repair on the aft toe rail. The final painting project is the dinghy, it needs to be repainted white and I will add Lauderdale blue trim to match Odelia. I am also planning to wet sand and polish the bow anchor protection plate. Bob and I installed it during our first year in RI and it has pitted badly over the years. Boat ownership is boat maintenance in nice places. This summer shows the validity of that quote.

14 Jun, our friends Ami, Orna, and Uri anchored between Blue Desert and Odelia. They have a new boat (for them); a Dominator 68 and it is beautiful inside and out. They are still learning the boat and making upgrades. The photo shows their boat with Blue Desert in the background. They joined us for G&T's on 15 Jun.

There is a Baglietto 1650, just like Yosi's Lisa, docked at the restaruant in Boynuz Buku and this week a San Lorenzo just like Lisa 2 anchored next to us. They reminded us of Yosi and the times we have spent with him aboard. I added the photos and sent them to Yosi. Nir is getting ready for his summer cruise to Italy, he and Mea (his new stewardess) took us out to Kapi Creek for dinner. Great place and food was good but expensive.

I taped off and painted trim lines on the Nera satellite dish to match the new blue trim lines on the side skirts. I finished varnishing the topsides of the front hand rails (2 coats). I still have to sand the bottom sides and put on at least one coat of varnish to protect the wood. I also need to sand and varnish the aft hand rails (around the aft deck) and do the touch painting noted above. We are expecting some friends this week. Dan on Gasha Nosha and Ofer and Yolanda on Alba should be arriving in the next few days. On the 21st, Tsipy made me a lemon pie for my birthday. We had a quiet celebration here.

On the 26th, Dan and Gila from Gasha Nosha arrived and rafted to us for two nights. They left early Friday morning for Fethiye (too early for photos). They plan to leave their boat there for a few weeks until their next cruise. Tsipy used their Standup Paddleboard to tool around the bay and it was great to see our neighbors from Herzliya. On the 29th, Ofer, Yolanda, and Maayan came on Alba and rafted to us. We had G&Ts on the front deck and enjoyed swimming, eating, talking, and a game of Mexican Train. It was great to see them.

1 - 31 May 2019: On 9 May, we celebrated Israel's 71st year of independence at Yosi and Ruti's apartment overlooking the celebration sail by and the Israeli Air Force flyover. We had a great time and wonderful food. For desert, Tsipy and Rebecca decorated a watermelon cake. Here are some photos of our visit.

We are fast approaching our departure for the summer. I have completed all the preparation and we are looking for a good weather window. It looks like the 14th will be a good day. Right now, our friends Yakov and Yair are coming with us, with two others still hoping to come. That will make an easy trip with 2 hours on and 6 or 8 hours off during the night.

We left Israel on the 14th with Yacov, Yair, Amnon, and Revital as crew. The first day and most of the second day was perfect, smooth seas and light winds. Around 2200 on Wednesday, the wind picked up to about 25-30 knots and the seas were about 1 to 1.5m. We slowed down and changed course to reduce the rolling and approached the coast (see the photo of our plot). We were then able to go west along the coast to Gocek. The winds were light until the morning and then picked up to around 15 knots just as we entered the protection of Fethiye bay. We checked into Turkey in Gocek, then moved to the city marina for a washdown and rest. We visited Nazif (Fatoush is with her mother while she recovers from surgery). On Friday morning, we moved out to Boynuz Buku. Once settled, we swam, kayaked, and relaxed. Sundowners under the zula was followed by a delicious Shabbat dinner on the aft deck. It is great to be settled into our summer home.

On Saturday, we took Revital and Amnon into town so they can fly home. I picked up parts to repair the watermaker and on our return, Yair, Yacov, and I repaired the watermaker (some brittle tubing and new connectors). On Sunday, we returned to Gocek for shopping at the open air market and to drop off Yair for his return to Israel. Monday (20 May), Nir on Blue Desert arrived and anchored near us. We had dinner together on board Odelia on Monday and on board Blue Desert on Tuesday. Tsipy enjoyed zipping around on one of their Seabob's. On Thursday, Yacov left early in the morning for the ferry from Fethiye to Rhodes and caught a flight home from there. He was delayed by the fires in Israel but arrived around midnight.

Friday (24 May), we celebrated Shabbat on board with Nir, Gail, and Rafik. Tsipy tried out Nir's exercise shoes aboard Blue Desert. We have really enjoyed being with them. Photos above.

1 - 30 April 2019: The weather finally improved and we were able to install the hardtop panels onto the bimini frame. My friends: Nir (Blue Desert), Steve (Funair), and Amir (Lady Sheia) helped me lift the panels onto the frame and then Steve helped me do the initial installation. We screwed the port panel down to the frame and then screwed the starboard panel to the port panel. We finished the initial installation by screwing and Sikiflexing the panels to the radar arch.

On 3 Apr, I borrowed a Bosun's chair from Nir to finish the installaton. Tsipy helped me and we were able to screw down the sides and front of the panels to the outside rail of the frame. I finished the electrical installation on 4 Apr and did some touch up with Sikaflex and epoxy. During the installation, the positive connector for the port array somehow disconnected, so I had to run a new cable inside back to the arch. On 7 Apr, I painted the top of the radar arch, the join to the new top, and did some touch up painting on the hardtop panels.

I think it is a great job and really want to thank Miki (for helping me build the panels and using his shop); Miki, Alon, Ronnie, Hanan, and Evyatar for the delivery to the boat and lift to the upper deck; and Steve, Nir, and Amir for helping with the install; and Tsipy for help with the bosun's chair and screwing down the sides and front.

14 Apr, our friend Ken took a beautiful photo of the sun setting between the buildings over Odelia. Our friend Nir (Blue Dessert) came by on the 21st and let Tsipy try out his electric scooter. She had a great time zooming around the lagoon.

On 19 Apr, Tsipy, Lushi, and I drove to Givat Ela for Pessach dinner with Moti, Jackie, and their familes. We had a great weekend, the Seder was great, conducted by Tony (Jackie's father) and attended by their children and grandchildren. We returned to Herzliya on Saturday night after Shabbat. No photos from this Seder. We had the second Seder on our boat on the 25th. Jackie, Moti, Didi and Mashka and their kids came for the dinner. See the photos of the evening.

We are still planning to depart in mid-May and I am looking at the weather patterns now.

1 - 31 March 2019: The dealer delivers the plywood to Miki but the first two shipments were not AA plywood, so we didn't start work on the new hardtop for the bimini until 24 Feb. His shop is in Rehovet and he had some great tools including a table saw with a moving trundle and even a digital readout for the rip fence guide. It made the wood cutting easy and we finished the cutting early on the first day and I then glued and screwed the lap joints and reinforcing strips along the edges. We need good weather since I have to work outside of the shop. On the second work day, I fiberglassed reinforcements for the lap joints and epoxied the top sides of both panels. Tsipy helped by mixing the epoxy to reduce the time to coat the surfaces. We returned the next day to epoxy the bottom sides of the panels. After a short weather delay, we returned on 6 Mar to sand and recoat the bottom sides of the panels. Today (7 Mar) I finished sanding and applied the second coating on the top sides of the panels. The panels are now waterproof and glossy.

Miki delivered the panels to the boat on 16 Mar with his truck since each panel is 1.8m by 3.2m. Once the weather cleared I sanded and painted them with two coats of Tamaglass paint. I installed the solar panels using Sikaflex adhesive and screws. In the coming days I will connect them and secure the wiring before mounting them up on the bimini frame.

Purim was the 21st and Tsipy made costumes for us. I was Moses, complete with staff and the ten commandments. Tsipy was Tsipora (Moses' first wife). The party was a Noa and Eyal's home. Food was delicious and we had a great time.

1 - 28 Febuary 2019: I got some good weather and was able to finish sanding and preparing the toe rail, bow pulpit, and swim platform for paint. Today (5 Feb) I finished most of the painting. I still have a few areas to paint (around the cleats and chocks used for mooring ropes). I will get to those areas once we are out of the marina and at anchor.

Gadi, Roger, Steve, and I went to Itzhik HaGadol in Yafo and had a truly outstanding meal. They have Wagyu beef (same species as Kobe beef without the daily message and beer). The steaks were the best I've had in Israel and one of the best all time. Definitely worth a return visit.

On 10 Feb I painted the fuel tanks and underfloor areas in the engine room. We are still waiting for the bilge paint. The weather looks like it will be improving, so I am going to start work on the flybridge. I have two projects up there: one is to strip the paint from the louvers on the cabinet doors and repaint them and the second it to build a hard top for the bimini and remount the solar panels.

I stripped the paint and varnish from the flybridge and aft deck cabinet doors on 13-14 Feb. I still need to sand them prior to painting. Miki ordered the plywoord for the new bimini top and I plan to start on it this week (17 Feb) at his workshop.

1 - 31 January 2019: This is the start of our 20th year on Odelia. 2018 passed in a rush and we are looking forward to another year of cruising, enjoying old friends, and meeting new people.

We are in Marina Herzliya in Israel and will remain here until mid-May. I am continuing work on the boat, here is a photo of the new remote oil filter I installed on the starboard engine. This will make it much easier to replace the oil filter when changing oil. Also shown is the new non-skid flooring that I installed last month. I painted the white tool cabinet, battery boxes, and storage areas in the engine room. We still have to paint the bilges.

We seem to be in a weekly storm cycle with strong winds and rain each week. Luckily we get good weather on the weekends, so our Friday gatherings have been comfortable. I am waiting for the end of the rainy season to work outside. I plan to build a hardtop for the flybridge and then reinstall the solar panels. I also need to sand, fill, and paint the toe rail and swim platform to finish the repainting project.

In addition to the Friday meetings, my friend Gadi organized a dinner at NG Meat Bar in Neve Sedek last week. Gadi, Roger, Mike, Kenny and I attended and enjoyed trying a new meat place. I organized a dinner at Bayern on 15 Jan. It has been our favorite German restaraunt but unfortunately it is closing, so this will be our last supper there. On the 17th, we celebrated Hanan's 50th birthday in Nahalat Ada. Hanan is a good friend and one of our frequent travelers and visitors. We had a great time at the party behind Roni's house. Lots of good food and a chance to reconnect with Roni, Alon, Miki, Evyatar and to meet some of the wives. On the 21st, Steve, Roger, Mike, and I tried the new bar in the Herzliya mall, it is called Lager and Ale. The beer selection was great and the food was okay and it gives us a place for a beer after work. The 22nd, Gadi, Yosi, Israel, Roger, Steve, Mike, and I went to Brisket near Hadera (great smoked meat). Jesse and Laurie joined us there.

The weather has improved, with no rain in the forecast for this week, so I started sanding the bow pulpit and toe rails and hope to finish preparations for painting by the end of the week. The paint on the bow pulpit was starting to peel and I had to sand down to the gel coat but the rest of the toe rail is in better shape.

We plan to cruise to Turkey in May and hope to be able to stay there for six months before returning to Israel in the fall.