Odelia in Serifos, Greece


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1 - 31 Jan 2019: This is the start of our 20th year on Odelia. 2018 passed in a rush and we are looking forward to another year of cruising, enjoying old friends, and meeting new people.

We are in Marina Herzliya in Israel and will remain here until mid-May. I am continuing work on the boat, here is a photo of the new remote oil filter I installed on the starboard engine. This will make it much easier to replace the oil filter when changing oil. Also shown is the new non-skid flooring that I installed last month. I painted the white tool cabinet, battery boxes, and storage areas in the engine room. We still have to paint the bilges.

We seem to be in a weekly storm cycle with strong winds and rain each week. Luckily we get good weather on the weekends, so our Friday gatherings have been comfortable. I am waiting for the end of the rainy season to work outside. I plan to build a hardtop for the flybridge and then reinstall the solar panels. I also need to sand, fill, and paint the toe rail and swim platform to finish the repainting project.

In addition to the Friday meetings, my friend Gadi organized a dinner at NG Meat Bar in Neve Sedek last week. Gadi, Roger, Mike, Kenny and I attended and enjoyed trying a new meat place. I am organizing a dinner at Bayern on 15 Jan. It has been our favorite German restaraunt but unfortunately it is closing, so this will be our last supper there. On the 17th, we celebrated Hanan's 50th birthday in Nahalat Ada. Hanan is a good friend and one of our frequent travelers and visitors. We had a great time at the party behind Roni's house. Lots of good food and a chance to reconnect with Roni, Alon, Miki, Evyatar and to meet some of the wives. On the 21st, Steve, Roger, Mike, and I tried the new bar in the Herzliya mall, it is called Lager and Ale. The beer selection was great and the food was okay but it gives us a place for a beer after work. Today, the 22nd, Gadi, Yosi, Israel, Roger, Steve, Mike, and I are going to Brisket near Hadera (great smoked meat). Jesse and Laurie are joining us there.

The weather has improved, with no rain in the forecast for this week, so I started sanding the bow pulpit and toe rails and hope to finish preparations for painting by the end of the week. The paint on the bow pulpit is starting to peel off and I had to sand down to the gel coat.

We plan to cruise to Turkey in May and hope to be able to stay there for six months before returning to Israel in the fall.