Odelia in Serifos, Greece


This is the log for our 2020 cruise. The latest entry will be at the top like a blog.

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1 - 30 Apr 2020: What an April Fools prank the world has played on us. Here we are living on a boat but confined to a marina unable to even plan for our summer cruise. We are lucky to be here in Karpaz, even though the country has imposed a lockdown. We are still able to get provisions from the local stores and the staff here in the marina are outstanding. We can walk around our backyard (in this case the marina area) and enjoy the sunshine. I am getting caught up on all my boat work and will soon have to discover other projects or maybe just relax.

1 - 31 Mar 2020: We are still in Karpaz, the weather has turned milder and we are beginning to work outside on the boat. I modified the access panels on the radar arch by adding T-Nuts and Truss-head machine screws. This allows me to more easily remove and replace them to work on the wiring for the solar panels and navigation/anchoring lights. The previous self-tapping screws wouldn't work anymore.

Tsipy worked with me on the flybridge and also polished the rails on the flybridge and the main deck. We are both happy for the nice weather. I plan to put the dinghy in the water to finish washing the hull and getting rid of all the salt spray from the earlier storms.

On 1 Mar, Dave, Guy, Tsipy, and I took a walk to a restuarant about 1 hour away from the marina along the coast to the east. We had a great walk and a meal before returning. Photos from the walk are shown above.

The marina came on 9 Mar and removed several cracked planks in the teak deck. They plugged two spots and replaced about eight planks. They got the Sikaflex in on 11 Mar, just before a cold front brought wind and rain for a few days. They planned to finish the work on the 16th. Today, 14 Mar, the TRNC government closed down all non-essential facilities for two weeks due to the corona virus. The marina closed the restaurant, gym, and shipyard, so we are not sure when they will return to remove the excess Sika and sand the deck. Dave (my neighbor) and I took the shuttle into the village for food prior to lock down. There aren't many live-aboards here so we will band together and get through this.

We have now been isolated for a week. We have access to the shuttle twice a week to go into town for food and medicine. All other shops and restaurants are closed. The shops have disposable gloves to reduce contamination.

We welcomed a new American couple, Bob and Heather on Amorgos Blue. They arrived from Girne and will be staying here until the end of the quarantine. We are trying to arrange a second night of Mexican Train Dominos to help pass the time. Dov and Alona are quarantined at their home and are doing fine, we hope to see them again soon.

27 Mar, the TRNC imposed a full curfew, no travel except to medical facilities. The marina is organizing shopping and delivery from a local market. They have 13 cases in the towns near the marina, but so far none here. 29 Mar, it is really windy today, 20-30 knots and it is expected to continue until Monday morning (30 Mar). I added a long line from my bow across to B dock to keep my bow from being blown over. That seems to help stabilize my boat.

31 Mar, we played dominoes in the gallery club with Heather, Bob, and Kevin. Nice game and better company to pass the time.

1 - 29 Feb 2020: Yosi flew in on Monday 3 Feb, I returned my rental car to Larnaca airport, and rode back to Karpaz with him. We needed the car to get our 6 month visa.

On 4-5 Feb, I rebuilt the raw water pump for the watermaker, removed the stainless steel manifold, and plumbed the watermaker direct from the strainer. Once a new manifold is made in Gocek, I will reinstall it to allow me to easily flush and clean the system. I also rebuilt the fresh water pump, one or more of the check valves inside were leaking and that caused the unit to cycle.

On 11 Feb, I finally finished the installation of the water sep for my generator. I purchased the unit while I was in the US in Sep 2019 and the hose and clamps in Turkey in Oct 2019. The unit is installed after the water log or muffler and separates the exhaust from the cooling water. It makes the generator quieter by eliminating the splash of the cooling water. The photos above show the installation on the aft wall of the engine room. To complete the installation, I ordered a exhaust hose temp alarm, had it delivered to Mike, and will pick it up when I am in Israel for Passover. I will install it in May.

The weather here has been unusually cold and stormy. We have experienced 4 to 5 storms with winds up to 40 knots. We are averaging about 1 every two weeks since we returned from Israel in Jan. Luckily, we have been able to get off the boat and go to Dov and Alona's house to avoid the storms. The combination of wind and surge really rocks the boat. This last week has been cold, down to 35 F or 2 C at night, we are not used to nor equipped for that kind of cold.

On Friday, 14 Feb, Tsipy, and I went shopping in Girne with Dov and Alona. We hit a few stores and then stopped at Alestra for kleftico (a Cypriot specialty of slow roasted lamb).

The marina had a Valentine's Day dinner and dance on 15 Feb. Dov, Alona, Tsipy, and I attended, had a great dinner, listened and danced to live music, and really enjoyed the evening. Yosi captured a photo of us from the security camera and the others we took inside.

20 Feb, I began troubleshooting the hydraulic gangway, it started making a funny sound.
After checking the fluid level and electrical connections, I discovered that one of my engine start batteries is just about dead and that was causing the odd sound from the motor. I am now looking for two 8D batteries. Boat maintenance in cold places this time.

1 - 31 Jan 2020: This is the beginning of our 21st year aboard Odelia. We are currently in Karpaz Gate Marina on the north coast of Cyprus. We returned to Cyprus after a great visit to Israel. It was wonderful to reconnect with all our friends and family. We celebrated Shabbat with Lushi, Motti, Noa (twice), and Dina. I was able to enjoy Yemenite soup at Shemon's twice and great food at Yanuv, Kyoto, Zozobra, Agadir, Tenka, and other favorite spots. Our thanks to all our hosts for putting up with us. We enjoyed our visit immensely.

Odelia is in great shape, our thanks to our friend David and the marina crew here in Karpaz for keeping her safe in the winter storms. I am starting work on our TRNC temporary visas this week and hope to have them within a month. When I was in Turkey, I purchased new dock lines and springs. I spliced in thimbles and added safety chains to the springs for the dock lines. Initially I just spliced in a loop for the spring lines but after the first storm, I spliced in thimbles and added chains to prevent chafing. The photos above show the new system, it seems to work well, and eliminates much of the creaking of lines in the wind or surge. The handrail that we installed last winter really comes in handy here with the floating docks. We can safely board using the steps and handrail, otherwise it would be pretty steep.

The marina is servicing my engines and generator and have removed the injectors for inspection and servicing and the heat exchangers for cleaning. We met with Lisa, Moshe, Dov, and Alona for happy hour on the 9th. I plan to do some carpentry work at Dov's workshop, I need to replace the teak steps on the swim platform ladder. Weather is still pretty wet and stormy but it should improve this coming week.

The marina finished the engine and generator service on 21 Jan, the injectors checked out okay, so they were just cleaned, adjusted, and reinstalled. The heat exchanges were cleaned and reinstalled. Antifreeze, motor oil, oil filters, fuel filters, and Racor filters were all changed. The work was done professionally.

On 27 and 28 Jan, we went to Nicosia to get our temporary resident visa. We stayed at a nice hotel, the Merit near the Ministries of Health and Interior that we had to visit. We received a six month visa after a long ordeal. Hope the process improves over time.