Odelia in Serifos, Greece


This is the log for our current cruise. The latest month's entry will be at the top like a blog.

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1 - 31 Jan 2020: This is the beginning of our 21st year aboard Odelia. We are currently in Karpaz Gate Marina on the north coast of Cyprus. We returned to Cyprus after a great visit to Israel. It was wonderful to reconnect with all our friends and family. We celebrated Shabbat with Lushi, Motti, Noa (twice), and Dina. I was able to enjoy Yemenite soup at Shemon's twice and great food at Yanuv, Kyoto, Zozobra, Agadir, Tenka, and other favorite spots. Our thanks to all our hosts for putting up with us. We enjoyed our visit immensely.

Odelia is in great shape, our thanks to our friend David and the marina crew here in Karpaz for keeping her safe in the winter storms. I am starting work on our TRNC temporary visas this week and hope to have them within a month.

The marina is servicing my engines and generator and have removed the injectors for inspection and servicing and the heat exchangers for cleaning. We met with Lisa, Moshe, Dov, and Alona for happy hour on the 9th. I plan to do some carpentry work at Dov's workshop, I need to replace the teak steps on the swim platform ladder. Weather is still pretty wet and stormy but it should improve this coming week.