Odelia in Serifos, Greece


This is the log for our 2021 cruise. The latest entry will be at the top like a blog.

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1 - 31 March: Still not keeping up with my log, but I hope to do better now that most of my paperwork is done. I am still planning to remain here until the end of April or beginning of May and then return to catch up on maintenance before cruising to Turkey for the summer. It will hopefully be our last summer aboard, so we are planning to spend it in the Gocek area.

1 January - 28 February: This is the beginning of our 22nd year aboard Odelia. The boat is currently in Karpaz Gate Marina on the north coast of Cyprus. We are in Israel for the winter.

The photos above show the apartment where we are staying at Noa and Eyal's home. It is a small separate apartment, just perfect for visitors.

Both Tsipy and I received our Pfizer vaccinations and now have our vaccination certificates and the Israeli Green Passports. Unfortunately, there are still many restrictions on travel and the restuarants remain closed. I have been able to get some great takeout food, but still miss the restuarant experience. My Aliyah process is underway, I submitted all but one of my required documents and hope to have the final one in a few weeks. I was also able to get an extension to my visa, so I can remain here until May.

They put the country on a partial lockdown during Purim so we weren't able to go to any parties but we did don our costumes. We borrowed them from Noa and dressed as Minions (for those of you from my generation, Minions are animated film characters).