Odelia in Serifos, Greece


This is the log for our 2022 cruise. The latest entry will be at the top like a blog.

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1 Jan- 26 Feb 2022: We are still in Israel, I am attending Ulpan and exercising 6 days a week in the local gym. I feel great although I miss the boat and working on the boat. I had cataract surgery of my right eye on 15 Feb and it went well, I can see clearly at distance but will still need glasses for reading. My left eye is scheduled for 8 Mar.

We are planning to return to the boat in late Apr or early May to prepare her for launch and cruising to Turkey for the summer.

25 Oct 2022: Odelia has been sold, the new owner is keeping her in Karpaz for the winter. Tsipy and I wish them all the happiness and enjoyment that we had while cruising with Odelia.